Suspension tester for LDV

Type: TUZ-2-C



The suspension tester is a device used to inspect the shock absorption performance in vehicles with total weight up to 3,5 t. It can work as a part of the integrated MULTILINE QUANTUM 2000 C diagnostic test lane or as a stand-alone device.

The test method of the suspension tester analyses a vehicle response under the provoked regular vibrations. The shock absorber parameters are measured on the basis of the EUSUMA principles. The suspension tester determines the grip of wheels as a percentage.

Internal protection mechanisms allow trucks to drive over the testing units without additional covers.

More details

Parameters Value
Max axle load while measuring2 t
Max axle load while driving over20 t
Aplitude of vibrations6 mm
Vibration frequency0-24 Hz
Measurement range0-99 %