type: OPABOX


OPABOX - The analysis chamber for diesel engines

The OPABOX Autopower verifies the opacity of exhaust emissions from vehicles powered by diesel engines. Its sensors can measure opacity from light and heavy vehicles.
It incorporates the latest generation exhaust gas analysis chamber developed to conform to international standards.

The GASBOX and OPABOX both come with a practical trolley for easy movement. Standard Bluetooth connectivity and the optional Power Pack (external battery pack) make it possible to use both units in a totally wireless way.

More Details

OPABOX Autopower


Dimensions460 x 200 x 250 mm
Weight6,5 kg (with trolley 15 kg)
External power supply2 x 12 V 7 A/h lead batteries; Maximum consumption: 80 W
Serial portRS232 standard
Wireless outputBluetooth
SoftwareETS or IDC4E
TechnologyGreen Led diode
Heating timemax.5 minutes
Chamber length200 mm